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parking SignIPG ProStripe is the leading Houston parking lot striping  company because we excel in making sure you project an ongoing professional image to your customers who visit your premises.

Given that your parking lot area is one of the first things observed by your visitors, the appearance of a newly striped parking lot correlates to a well-managed property. Not only does it enhance your aesthetic appeal but it also improves the circulation of the vehicles.

A newly striped lot directs individuals safely around the parking lot by improving the actual flow of traffic. IPG ProStripe can either re-stripe or lay out totally new markings as per customers’ blueprint or our own layout designed in-house; we pay close attention to our customers’ desires so that we can give the best parking lot striping design for their needs.

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The Many Reasons to Stripe:

Improves the aesthetics of your property or company

Helps to reduce confusion as well as potential crashes in parking area

Assists consumers in correctly parking

Enables quick recognition of reserved, visitor, or appointed resident vehicle parking in Apartment Complexes

Safely steers pedestrians in crosswalks or candy striped walkways

Enhances the circulation of traffic

Directs traffic in temporary construction zones

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