IPG ProStripe Questions & Answers

1. How often does a parking lot need to be restriped?
In general, a lot will need to be restriped every 1 to 3 years depending on traffic flow.  The good news is that more frequent restriping means more traffic which means your business is bringing in lots of customers!
2. What are some of the types of preventive maintenance required for a parking lot?
Crack sealing is an important maintenance activity for both asphalt and concrete.

Sealing is another important maintenance activity.

  • Concrete sealing is more important in climates that have greater freeze/thaw cycles.
  • Seal coating for asphalt is important regardless of the climate.

Joint filling on concrete surfaces.

These maintenance activities are much like changing the oil in your car.  It is significantly more expensive to repair a parking lot than it is to properly maintain it.  If you partner with us, we can arrange periodic maintenance reviews of your facility to avoid costly reconstructive maintenance.

3. What are examples of reconstructive maintenance?
This is the most expensive maintenance activity and includes the following:
  • An asphalt lot can deteriorate to the point that it will have to be repaved.  This might include removing parts of the surface down to the subsurface stabilized material and even replacing this material.
  • Pot hole repair on both asphalt and concrete surfaces.
  • Complete replacement of the parking lot surface which will probably require replacement of the stabilized material beneath the concrete or asphalt.

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