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Jeff McWilliams, Founder of IPG ProStripe


Jeff McWilliams

IPG ProStripe came as a result of a long career in financial management in corporate America.  With experience in construction and construction management, as well as implementing large projects, I came to three important understandings:

  1. “Price” and “Total Cost” are two different things. 
  2. The value created by timely execution is a key component of overall project value.  
  3. The business partners you choose greatly impact the success of any project.

As a financial executive, I know the importance of maximizing investments including keeping the Total Cost of Ownership as low as possible.  The fact that parking may not be a core part of the business led me to begin partnering with businesses to achieve these financial objectives while at the same time allowing them to focus on running their business.


As a financial professional, these were the important values that I looked for when choosing business partners:

  • Trust
  • Responsibility
  • Reliability
  • Responsiveness

These values are summarized as professionalism.  So when I started IPG ProStripe, I wanted a professional organization that represented trust, responsibility, reliability, and responsiveness while at the same time provided/added value for our customers.  You will find this kind of partnership at IPG ProStripe.

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